Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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Monday, December 08, 2008

New blog

My new blog is at http://www.eggshellgreen.com



Saturday, January 19, 2008

Counting Down

4 weeks until the wedding - whoop! The weather is getting better and I'm getting rather excited. I still have shoes to find though. Wish I didn't have the smallest of adult feet! And they have to be wide too. What a nightmare trying to find shoes that fit and are also comfortable and safe to wear. I will have to find shoes soon as that will determine how much of my dress we'll need to crop. Like that lady at the shop said, I am very short!

So what else is left to do? We will be finalising the venue setup on Monday and the ceremony by the end of the month (with a rehearsal later on). We also need to decide on what booze we want (Neil's father is kindly supplying the wine), and the music for the day. There is also a need to get some wine glasses and other bits that the Dransfield doesn't already have.

A work mate is having his reception at Dransfield tonight so I will be keen to see some photos and steal some ideas :) I think the key is keeping it simple. As I've been told by several people, the small details don't really matter as the day should be about celebrating and being merry :)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

No pain, no gain

In light of my quest for self-beautification, brought on by the impending wedding (which is actually still at least 10 months away), I decided to try out IPL. It hurt a lot more than I thought it would! Maybe I'm just a wuss but I haven't felt that sort of sensation before. It was short bursts of *very* hot light, and it felt like lots of needles pricking my skin. It brought on a bit of a sweat - whether it was from the heat or from the anticipation of the next "shot" I'm not sure. If you ever get IPL, ask for an ice pack to numb the skin - I really needed one!
Right now I am still at work. Not working, just waiting for Leon to get into the city from Upper Hutt so we can catch up. Leon is down from Auckland *again* for work. His work has asked him to relocate and he's thinking about it. Saves them money I guess, seeing how many times he has had to come down so far. Might go the Feathers for dinner. Right now I'm keen for pub food. It must be the weather - winter has arrived. But at least I'll get to spend a week of it in the Gold Coast this year :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

An Announcement

For the sake of our friends abroad (namely Robert, Carly, Megan and Celeste), just wanting to let you know that Neil and I have set a date for our wedding - 16 February 2008. And can Robert please log in to his MSN Messenger and let us know how we can best contact him for future updates? Cheers!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Stormy nights and strange dreams

Rain! Yes it's bucketing down today. The cold snap has indeed arrived and it feels like the "change in weather" is taking its toll on me. Or maybe its just extra dusty in the house and my hayfever is playing up. Whatever it is, my face feels like it could explode, and I'm so tired - the second part is not so unusual as I do love my sleep. And with the weather cooling down, maybe I won't get so many weird dreams. I always seem to get a handful of the same strange dreams: trying to get gum off my teeth but the more I pull the more there seems to be until I pull a tooth out; getting stuck in elevators that just keep going up and down; not being able to dial a phone number because I keep on dialling the wrong numbers or taking too long; vicious dogs trying to get into the house (and you have to make sure all the windows are locked because they can jump that high); the more usual flying dreams and turning up naked dreams; and then there are the cool super hero dreams. The strangest dream I recall is the one where the rotweilers from the DB bitter ads (you know, the ones wearing the dark sunnies) were firing machine guns at us while we were taking cover in my parents' house - all the meanwhile a miniature bull was rampaging around the property. Try and decipher that one! I have to go and find out what my other dreams might mean now.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Skid and crunch - not a good sound...

Well it's been a while since my last blog. And a while since I cut my fingernails because they're getting in the way of my typing.

Summer seems to have finally come and gone for New Zealand yet again. We've had a lot of good weather lately, but only lately. Now we are expecting a cold snap tomorrow, with snow in some parts and it's only the start of Autumn.

I was interrupted from my thoughts just then because there was a(nother) car accident outside of our house. Looks like someone came around the corner too fast and skidded on the wet road, spinning across to the other side and ending up rear-ending someone's stone wall. We thought it was a hatchback, until the towie pryed it from the wall and it was in fact a sedan! Me thinks the car's going to the wreckers after tonight. That was our 30 minutes of reality tv.

Last week it was a car that didn't even make it around the corner. It drove straight through the bend, over the road island, knocking through someone's fence and then lodged itself into another house. There have been numerous bang ups on little Wellington Road, each one making your heart skip a beat when you hear that ominous screech and then a crunch. Perhaps it has something to do with the short 70kph speed zone just before it, that suddenly changes to a 50 zone as you get to the corner. It would make a whole lot more sense if the whole stretch (and it's only a small one) was a 50 zone. Anyway, these things may have contributed to the 7 properties having been sold along this road in the last year and a half. Our neighbour told us that even our property was crashed into years ago, causing a gas leak. Let's hope people take a little more caution on the roads. And easy on the rubber-necking too folks! Also, be careful rushing to the windows wearing socks on polished floors.